Cherry blossoms in Amsterdamse Bos

We can’t afford to travel outside the country at the moment. And JAPAN has always been our dream destination. The food, the sights, SAKURA and again, the food! Haha. So here in the Netherlands, we try a lot of Japanese restaurants, and grocery products just to feel as if we are in Japan. 

So we heard about a park with Cherry Blossoms. Inspired by the photos online, we looked it up and saw it is relatively close to us. So we went to Amsterdamse Bos.

We parked by Amstelveen at Kersenbloem Parking. Free parking for everyone. At first, it looks like the spaces are limited, but as you go further there are more parking slots available. We came on a Sunday so, yes, there are a lot of people. 

I think where we parked was quite far, I think there are other parking areas closer to the Cherry blossoms, but we did not check. Anyway, it was a good walk with my family.

"They are indeed pretty!"

When we finally arrived in Bloesem Park, we were in awe. They are indeed pretty! 400 cherry blossom trees swaying with the wind, and smells like you are in a meadow somewhere not in the city. You will feel like (if without a lot of people), you will hear at any moment, a Japanese drama movie theme song will play. 

We brought a blanket and some snacks as we sit under a tree. Looking up towards the blue skies and enjoyed the beauty of the tree. At that moment, we feel like we are in Japan.

Of course, after a couple of videos, selfies, and rest, we headed back to the parking and walked 3,000+ steps again. Well worth it!