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Honestly, I am not really planning to have my eyebrows done. Simply because I want as natural as I can be until I get old. Unfortunately, my eyebrows do not agree. Haha. Good thing I have a friend who is an expert in Nanobrows. Meet Edson Gonzales of Eyebrow Lab in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Eds is one of the most notable successful Filipino entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. For years, he has been searching for the best business that will fit his lifestyle, passion, and dreams. He is a make-up artist, Bed and breakfast manager, and food enthusiast. Now, he is focusing most of his energy on his Eyebrow Lab business.

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"Eds, (to date 2022) is the first Nanobrows expert in the Netherlands"

Edson, or how I usually call him, Eds, (to date 2022) is the first Nanobrows expert in the Netherlands. Needless to say, the first Filipino too to be doing this. He started this business in 2017 from his apartment. And yes I was part of the guinea pigs for the testing. haha. At that time he was still practicing the Microblading technique. It was fun! And we love supporting fellow entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses may it be products or services. Life became busy that I wasn’t able to come back for a re-touch. And after 5 years, here I am. With a new technique for my eyebrows, rejuvenating its glory. Naks! haha. 

What I admire about Eds is aside from being a very talented eyebrow artist, he shares his talents with those aspiring to do the same business as his. He conducts online training for off-site students and face-to-face training in his clinic. People can check out his website to see the prices, videos, training, appointment, and register for personal training.

The Experience

I know Eds told me it wouldn’t be painful with numbing cream. He is right! It wasn’t painful! I just feel like he is massaging my eyebrows haha. The whole process took around 4 hours, but Eds was so entertaining and explained every step so I don’t feel that time has passed. After all those hours, my eyebrows are gorgeous! 

The next day it was a bit darker. It was after 3-4 days that the color settled and my eyebrows are perfect! I can face the camera anytime and I would look presentable. I am thankful I did it and I am looking forward to the touch-up.

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Monday to Friday (10:00 – 20:00); Saturday (on request); Sunday (closed)