Why did I start to vlog?

Rhea Topacio

Hi, I am Rhea Topacio and I am a full-time entrepreneur with a couple of brands under our company. Our company is Pamana World B.V. with head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Under our company, we have Luneta Ice Cream, Guapito Premium Beer, Ubeness Filipino Flavors Collection, Pamana Foods, and Manong Sorbetero Filipino Ice Cream. On top of that, I have a marketing company called Red en Company. Together with other PR, vloggers, and marketing professionals, we produce graphics, videos, tv ads, websites, and anything related to marketing. Enough about the businesses, I have a lot of time promoting the brands in my vlogs haha. So why did I start to vlog?

Promote Filipino Businesses

Of course! To say it straight, I want to promote our products, I have the means, then I might as well stretch the promotion with other Filipino businesses too. At first, I was just targeting the Filipino stores. But I know the people watching will be drowning with promotion, promotion, promotion! That is not good. So I immediately contacted fellow entrepreneurs who have other businesses in different industries. More promotion, more content, a lot of enjoyment! Even with Pamana World, we aim to support and promote Filipino food and services, so basically, this is an extension of achieving that goal. 

Have FUN

The people who know me, understand that if I want to do something, I will do it (of course making sure I am not stepping on anyone’s foot). So I want to make sure I am having fun and inject as much FUN  into my vlogs as possible while maintaining the goal of the vlog. I hope more people support it and enjoy every video. 

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