Chika with Mr. RR Herrera

Meeting a celebrity

I know RR as a Filipino child actor from movies and TV. I watched him when I was growing up doing drama stints and a little bit of comedy. And then around 2004, I met him at a convention for franchisees of Mail and More Business Services Inc. I used to be the Marketing Head for the retail arm of FedEx and Air21 in the Philippines. At first, I wasn’t sure if it is him. His formal name Ramoncito sounds familiar but still, I wasn’t sure. Until I saw him stripped down and proudly wearing a tablecloth in order to win the “longest line” game. Then I know he is indeed RR Herrera. haha. It was a long time ago but every time we remember it, we burst into laughter. haha

RR is a multi-awarded actor way back when he was still doing movies. In total, he made around 30+ Filipino movies and a lot of TV stints. He worked with the likes of Fernando Poe Jr., Susan Roces, Val Sotto, Helen Vela, Richard Gomez, Snooky Serna, and a lot more notable actors. Meeting him as an entrepreneur before was relatively new to me. First, I do not meet a lot of celebrities. And secondly, after a lot of drama films under his belt, I met him at his most hilarious self.

We are friends even if we do not chat a lot of times. But every chat is funny and stress-relieving. He visited Amsterdam a couple of years back and I am grateful I was able to share our Luneta Ice Cream Pandan with them. Could the chance may have been longer maybe I could have fed them all the 13 flavors we have. hahaha

When I started my vlog, I wrote down all the people I know who are interesting to interview. RR is one of those on top of my list. With his transition from being a child actor to now being a very successful businessman, husband, and father, I wanted to know about his experience. He is currently one of the founders of TrainStation Inc. an organization offering services to companies and individuals for personal development and training. From a child star crying on your screens to a super scientifically backed training practice talking about neuro achuchuchuchu. Phew! That is tough! He talked about it in the vlog so just watch haha. Anyway, true enough, he is very accomodating in taking my request. What I love about this interview is everything is so light, funny, and natural. There are actually some clips I did not include in the final cut for the fear that our quirkiness will be misinterpreted. haha. All turned out to be good still!   I am more than happy that RR Herrera was my first celebrity guest here at Chickatita Channel. Enjoy the interview!

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