Chibog Haarlem

When I first started my business in 2010, there were just a handful of Filipino entrepreneurs here in the Netherlands. There are a couple of Pinoy business people here and there, but entrepreneurship seems like something very difficult to achieve nor to be successful at. Filipinos are known to be more inclined to be employees rather than investors for their own selves. According to some, it is basically because of the stability of having a monthly salary, versus the exposure to huge risk. That is of course practical and rational. But for people like me who found it hard to find an English (or Filipino) speaking job in my area of expertise here in the Netherlands, I have to take the risk of building a company instead. 

After a decade, a lot of Filipino businesses started to pop up everywhere! It is amazing! More Filipinos are now brave enough to take that risk and establish their own enterprise. There are restaurants, lots of stores, services, crafts, import-export and so many more. One of which is Chibog Oriental Fusion Cuisine in Haarlem. Owned by a fun and very enthusiastic lady Eva Pulido. 

It is located in the middle of Haarlem in between the cobblestones and beautiful Dutch architectural prowess. A nice walk towards its store and you will find a gem of good food and Filipino groceries.  The main idea of Chibog Oriental Fusion Cuisine is to make Asian (and Filipino) take-away food available to the Dutch people. The vitrine is full of meals from vegetarian, exotic, everyday food, noodles, rice, and desserts. When we went there they are offering Kare-kare ( a famous peanut sauce ox tail viand matched with bagoong), pinakbet (sauteed mixed native vegetables in bagoong), Korean fried chicken, bopis ( a Filipino dish made with pork internal organs, minced and sauteed with vinegar), vegetarian eggplant with tofu (sooooo good!), ube halaya, biko, nilupak and a lot more.  

Of course, they also have regular drinks, milk tea, and bubble tea. I love the Pandan bubble tea! Eva makes it from freshly pressed pandan leaves. It is so refreshing! They also serve Halo-halo to-go topped with your choice of Luneta Ice Cream flavors. Perfect for a sunny day walk in Haarlem centrum.

Rhea topacio chibog haarlem

Since Chibog only opened last February 26, 2022, it is still bulking up its stock of more Pinoy groceries. But of course, Luneta Ice cream and Manong Sorbetero Filipino Ice Cream are present in their freezers.

The Experience

Eva is one of the warmest people I have ever met. Candid, funny, and supportive in our endeavors. It was the first time I personally met her after a month of calling and messaging, but it felt like we have been friends for some time. The store has all the essential products your kitchen needs. From soy sauce to ice creams. Take-away food is more than interesting to see, they are delicious! One trip to the center and you have all you need for a weekend at home. haha. 


We are looking forward to going back and taking more kakanin home. Thanks, Eva for the hospitality! We enjoyed visiting Chibog. 

W/  |  A/Nieuwstraat 4, 2011 GH Haarlem|  M/ 0238449329


Monday & Tuesday (1-8pm); Wednesday (Close); Thursday-Sunday (12;30pm-8pm)