Chicka with Ms. Radha

The Diva

Most people know Radha as the singer songwriter Diva with super talented voice and is a member of Kulay ( a very popular singing group back in the 90s). But as for me, I know her as a sweet dear friend, who is honest, loving, caring, thoughtful and full of laughter. We met in a bar owned by one of our friend, Rochelle Barrameda, in Parañaque. We occassionally hang out with other friends, drinking and of course, singing our hearts out at the videoke. 

After a decade of not seeing each other, one direct message is enough to garner her support for this vlog. Yipee! I super appreciate it.

(L-R) Leilani, Ritchie, Radha, Rhea, Oselle, Rochelle

Radha discussed about topics that a lot of us now are guilty of, but wouldn’t dare admit it. I’ll put it this way “Being judgmental, commenting without thinking, and feeling know-it-all.” Like any other vlogs that I am doing, I really do not know where the conversatin will lead, and this is no exception. 

To those who really know me, I do not publicly talk about these topics for the fear of being judged, recieving harsh comments, and be scolded by know-it-all people. But I am surprised that a celebrity like Radha, who is usually timid, sweet and all about singing,  would be a victim of this kind of culture and she has courage to talk about it. So we did.

I was trying to analyze after the interview if those ill actions towards her are brought about by the effects of pandemic? Or is it like people are trying to bring her down (but why)? Is it because she is popular so these people want to bash her hoping to share her spotlight? (That is actually not new nowadays that people do that. ) Is because these know-it-all people really believe, they know it all even if they have the farthest kowledge on what a note is or how to perform? Why did they comment harshly without thinking of the effect to the person recieving it? Is it their nature to cause pain to other poeple? Why? Do they feel better after doing all the judging? Are they aware that they are causing a huge dent on the person’s totality? Are they be willing to be the subject of the same behaviour? Are they thinking as much as I am? Did anybody ask them for their opinion? Of course the answer there is NO. We understand freedom of speech, but to what extent is this right going to be overused? Sad but true, that’s the reality now. Cancel culture. Judge till you drop. Comment every moment. Crab mentality. And a lot more. We are not trying to scold people, and I don’t have a solution for this, but I am hopeful that people will be kinder specially now. Watch the video to know what happened to her and our thoughts about it. Stay safe everyone!